God's Way Christian

Baptist Church

Sunday Morning Worship        11:30 am

Sunday Morning Bible Study     9:30 am

Our Pastor & First Lady


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IMG_1759 (3) Dr.B. R. Reese & First Lady Dollie E. Reese

” Welcome To God’s Way”

“Where Everyone Has A Gifted Part In The

Body Of Christ”


God’s Way Christian Baptist Church      Billy Ray Reese Senior Pastor
 FullSizeRender (9) 1101 West 2nd Street P.O. Box 449 Taylor Texas 76574
512-560-3938 gwcbctw@yahoo.com “ The Way ’’


Objectives:To restore the hurting and broken hearted

To establish strong relationships

To serve humanity as a whole people to people

To seek and to save the lost

To bridge communications between church community, and school

Education Bibical & Secular :

Master of Theology Southwestern Baptist Seminary

Liberty University School of Life Long Learning, Austin Community College. Doctor of Theology Degree Evangel Christian University

Ambassador of the Gospel :

God’s Way Christian Baptist Church { Founder & Organizer 1997 to Present } Taylor Texas

Community Involvement :

Greater Taylor Pastor’s Coalition – President

The Greater Area VBS & Parent Collaborative – Visionary

African American Behavioral Health Network – 4ABHN

Faith-Base and Disabilities Initiatives Central Texas – AAFSC

A World For Children – AWFC

Family Too Neighbor – FTN

Odyssey Of The Mind { Volunteer Coach Middle School } – OM

Power Of Communication { A resource program } – POC

Moore 4 Sisters Ministries Inc. – Visionary Church

Wellness and Empowerment Community Ministries – WECM

Life Steps Coalition – LSC

Counselor & Advisor to churches/communities

Huston Tillotson University – Support Group

America Bless God Campaign

Special Skills Certification

Adult & Child – CPR

Trust Base Relational Intervention – TBRI

People Relational Interaction Intervention – PRII

Book Writing Author :

Christ The Last Revelation – Xlibris Corporation

The Inner Cry – Listed Poem Publication