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Next Generation

The Way’s Next Generation Youth Ministries¬†

Next generation youth ministries are here to encourage youth at God’s way and surrounding communities to learn about God and his great love for man kind. Teaching all youth how to obey Him, listen to Him, and to follow His directions, Teaching them to observe all things, learning to pray, and to acknowledge the Lord in and for all things. Next generation supports our youth to be regular participants in God’s Way Church ministries, God’s way acknowledges academic excellence in extracurricular activities, and to participate in local, state, and national events. They are learning to serve our community, volunteer services, after school tutoring, creating a love and respect for mankind.

All ages groups  2 Р18

The Way prepares our youth to excel as leaders in their school and community. We are preparing the next generation now! For them, by them and not without them. Here at God’s Way we believe no one should be left behind.

Goals & Objectives:

1. To teach emotional wellness in youth development.

2. To tailor ministries and services to our youth.

3. To provide biblical teaching series, Sunday school classes, and activities on issues that are significant to youth.

4. To mentor and include youth in all phases of planning and coordination of all youth programs.

5. To acknowledge academic excellence and achievements in extracurricular activities.

6. To encourage youth participation in local, state, and national events.

7. To provide youth with spiritual development and life skills necessary for soul decision making. This will be accomplished through a youth retreat, rap session, career college preparations, and attending various civil and cultural events;

8. To help youth improve their oratorical skills with regular training session and by participating in specific worship service throughout the year;

9. To help our youth improve their creative talents;

10. To help our youth understand clearly that they must give account to their stewardship to God.

11. To provide academic counseling to students/parents upon their request;

12. To provide respite care (wellness break) for parents with family members with disabilities.

13. To provide emotion care as a tool to prevent anxiety among our teens building self esteem in youth.

14. To provide a clear understanding of cultural diversity.