God's Way Christian

Baptist Church

Sunday Morning Worship        11:30 am

Sunday Morning Bible Study     9:30 am

Opportunities for New Growth

Our Vision Is Filled With Opportunities & Expectations:

The Children’s Daycare Center is a Mission of God’s Way  Christian Baptist Church developed to provide a loving,  supportive, safe, and educational environment for families  who need pre-school or school –age care for their children.  Our goal is to offer a program that meets the social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and moral needs of each child.

Christian Day Habilitation & Restoration Center for Youth and Adults.

Provide Life Skills & Support for Individuals with developmental disabilities Community Activities Independent Living Skills
Assist children and adults with behavioral issues Transitional Support(3-room) Reentry – Recovery – Transition(Ex – Offenders)
Food & Clothing Pantry Community ServiceProfessional Helps

Awareness Programs

Government & State Assistance



These multiple support services will assist all youth and adults to have the services and supports needed to live a restored life that God intended. We believe that emotional wellness belongs to everyone in the family of God.