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Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry



The Men’s Ministry of GWCBC strives to discipline and develop men. The vision is to save future generations and to assist with the church ministries program in winning souls to Christ. Just as is says in the Gospel of John 1- “ must work the work of Him who sent me.”

Ages   14-40+

The Ways Men’s Ministry set the standard of leadership, stewardship, character, integrity and mentoring of the next generation of men.


  1. To reach out to men and encourage them to participate in activities of the men’s ministry, the church, and through fellowship activities of general male interest;
  2. To promote spiritual growth and unity among the men of GWCBC through workshops and bible study sessions;
  3. To proclaim the gospel to believers and non-believers, personal witnessing and support the overall program of the church;
  4. To care for church members and other persons in the communities in the time of crisis; encourage, promote and build Christian fellowship among members;
  5. To set example in Christian life style; set example in honoring responsibilities such as attendance and assignments; remain level headed at all times under all circumstances; give personal support to the church activities and Pastor; and, seek advice and support from the Pastor.
  6. To know the Pastor’s role and God’s appointed spiritual leader to the church;
  7. To help men improve in their public speaking skills;
  8. To support the evangelistic ministry and auxiliaries of the church;
  9. To attend church regularly; and,
  10. To participate in the general maintenance and upkeep of the church.


Rev. Wendell Hosey, Associate Pastor

President of Men’s Ministry  Rev. Hosey