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Wellness and Empowerment Community Ministries (WECM) “Your Voice Our Ears”

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We are here to service our community and beyond

We are extremely excited for the opportunity of faith, families, and community agencies to come together to improve awareness and perceptions of mental health, recovery and wellness in the Williamson County areas and beyond. We believe the faith leaders and community is vital and integral part in reducing stigma and shame of mental health and other health conditions in our community, as well as identifying and connecting to the services and supports needed to enhance their quality of life.”  Rev. Dr. B. R. Reese

The Wellness and Empowerment Community Ministries (WECM) is a service that is birth out of the needs of congregants with intellectual and developmental disabilities, children in foster care and/or coming from difficult places, families and individuals with mental health conditions.

We believe the faith community has a wonderful opportunity to reach families who are seeking to reach a level of wellness of the soul, mind, and body; and are empowered emotionally, spiritually, physically, socially, and financially.  Jesus gave us the Great Commission to go and reach the nations.

The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health – African American Mental Health Education and Awareness Initiative awarded a grant over four years to God’s Way Christian Baptist Church – Wellness and Empowerment Community Ministries (WECM) to expand African American faith-based programs and ministries in Texas.  Our ministry continues to educate faith communities about mental health, recovery and wellness; identify local behavioral health resources for treatment and support; connect families and person with mental health to behavioral health and wellness resources; and, support faith leaders in addressing their own mental wellness and responses to stress.  We partner with churches to reach  families, community and faith-leaders in the Williamson and surrounding areas.

We support individuals and families with mental health; celebrate recovery through a caring community,: and, equip every person to be empowered in all areas of life: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially.

             Parent Support Group

             Education & Awareness

             Resources & Referrals

             One-on-one emotional,  relational and spiritual counsel.

             Empowerment Seminars/Workshops

WE  reach those who need emotional and spiritual support

WE  reach those who seek to recover from drugs and alcohol

WE reach those who seek refuge from domestic and sexual violence

WE  reach those who seek to become emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially empowered

WE reach and partner with other churches, families, professionals and community agencies.

WE   see beyond the illness and embrace families to recovery

Psalm 88 portrays the experiences of a depressed person from an emotional spiritual perspective. The words of the psalmist describe many of the symptoms of depression; sadness, isolation, anger, abandonment, mistrust, spiritual emptiness and hopelessness.