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 Our Divine Assignment “Service Now” 2018

Acts 8:26-40

The church that consist of many believers has a divine assignment from God to help restore people and its community. In most cases God has assigned believers to divinely work where they are employed, you can touch and influence the lives of many.

A divine kingdom assignment can be as simple as praying for someone. If we do not know our assignment we will fail to experience many powerful things in God. It’s because we have not learned to be sensitive to kingdom assignments. Are you praying for next level living? Divine assignment can only come from revelation and transformation of power.

God has already placed a specific assignment in your life that only you can accomplish with His help. It is your job to discover that assignment. God will guide you on your assignment by giving you divine insight. Paul talked about finishing his course, you have to serve by keeping your course as you perform your assignment.  God gave you His spirit so that you can know Him better and keep on course to complete your assignment. God requires you to be a good steward over the revelation knowledge He gives you.

Acts 8:26-40

We have to be open to tell God yes when God calls. The story behind this story is Philip’s connection with God – he is always ready to respond. This is Philip, not the apostle who walked with Jesus, but one of the seven faithful servants chosen by God and appointed by the apostles to serve the Jewish widows who were being overlooked in the daily feeding within the community of faith.

The bible says that he was uniquely qualified to serve, being a man of good reputation, full of the Spirit and wisdom. These first seven deacons (not title, but function + service) were servants but they were also evangelists – appointed and available to share the good news of Jesus Christ in the midst of their daily responsibilities. Because of how the Lord chose to work in their lives, they were ready for divine assignments along the way because they believed God and in the kingdom work that God requires. The Lord has major plans for those who belong to Him.

We are being set up! Set up for a life-changing encounter – Set up for good things to happen – Set up for the very power of God to work through you, because the Lord is in fact ordering our footsteps and guiding our pathways. Let me tell you about divine assignments. You can expect that God is going to set you up on assignments that demand your attention and your anointing when you have the right attitude. Every moment is purposeful and prescriptive. You ought to know that there are no coincidences – no chance encounters – nothing just happens when you are in God’s service. God will put you in the presence of people you need to meet, because ultimately there is somebody who needs your anointing.

God wants to work us while God is working it out for us.  My word for you this 2018 season of divine release is to let it happen. Just say yes. On the other side of your yes to God is a life of impact and promise. Even the encounters you would prefer not to have, every moment with God is meaningful. The trouble is that we don’t always know where that will lead us. Sometimes it leads into situations we don’t think we are ready for – into places we would rather not be. But wherever and however God leads, you can handle it when you let it happen. How do we create space for the Lord to work in our lives?

The first thing we can do to create space for the Lord to work is remember that obedience always releases opportunity. The angel of the Lord told Philip to go south down a desert road away from Jerusalem. “So he started out.” Then the Spirit told him to go over and walk beside the chariot. “Philip ran over.” You see what is going on here? Listening to God was a habit. Philip was so used to following God’s lead that he didn’t even second guess where he was going.

He just went! No effort, no argument, no hesitation, no 5-year plan, no excuses – and he ends up where God wants him to be because of his obedience. I am convinced that that is the answer to much of the issue today. God tells us that obedience is better than sacrifice. One of the tragedies in the church today is that people just don’t want to obey God.

It is so much easier to do our own thing. How many times have we known that we should do something but let something keep us from doing it? How often have we not even bothered to ask God what God wanted from us? I’m reminded of a principle that gives me a reality check: People do only what they choose to do. Nobody can make us do what we are supposed to do. We have to have faith to move as the Lord leads. That’s what it means to be grown up in the Lord. As we walk with God, God reveals His will, very often by what I call circumstantial guidance. Things seem to line up and opportunities present themselves. Be faithful wherever you are to get where you are going. Do what God says and watch doors open for you.

If you want to see God move, always be prepared to tell your story about God’s love. The Ethiopian asks Philip, “Tell me who the prophet was talking about.” Philip tells him the good news about Jesus. Philip is not only available, but he doesn’t come to the task empty-handed. He’s got the word. In our service now pray for a word from the Lord.

But when I look at this text, I see that Philip had no master’s degree – no seminary training – no ordination certificate – He just knew how to tell the story – Just Jesus! Imagine if he would have said, I don’t have anything to share? He was prepared to preach – in season and out of season.

There are times we get in the way of blessings. Often we need to get out of God’s way. In the last part of this encounter, the Ethiopian asks Philip, “What is stopping me from being baptized?” Just like all of us this African brother needed a word and water. The question was really, is there room for me in this gospel we have been talking about? They had water. They had the word. The only hold up would have been Philip, but Philip got out of God’s way. In Him we have power and authority to serve.

People you run into every ordinary day are asking the question, what is keeping me from being baptized? – What is keeping me from exceeding in God? Is it that you are too busy with your own stuff to lead the way, are you to busy building your own kingdom instead of building His kingdom. Have you not taken the time to share the word with someone  to help them understand how much God loves them – When it really comes down to it, the only thing stopping them is us! Don’t let your Christianity get in the way of Christ. I wish I had time to tell you that you aren’t holy unless you are helping somebody.

Your anointing means nothing if your attitude just alienates people. You are not the church if God’s other children don’t have any room next to you. Even your worship is worthless if your witness only puts the spotlight on you. It’s not even about what you get out of the deal, but what you have to give that sets the real followers of Jesus apart from the frauds. That’s what binding and loosing is about. For better and for worse, we are gatekeepers of the grace of God. If we let it loose, people get it. If we hold back, they miss out on it. Let’s get real. Nobody deserves God’s grace. But God made a way for you and me anyway. Hallelujah for favor – for forgiveness – for freedom. I think I’ll leave you here and tell you again that you that you have a divine assignment. When the Lord saved you He was setting you up to see somebody else saved. Don’t shout on how good He’s been TO you. Shout on how good He can be THROUGH you. Are you ready for your divine assignment? It’s time to serve the Lord. Service Now in Jesus Name. Your assignment, you calling to fulfill. Service Now.


Dr. B.R. Reese